Standard Packaging


TrenStar houses a versatile Returnable Packaging fleet; suitable to meet any industry requirement. Our innovative and advanced range of Returnable Packaging Management Solutions and related services make for tracked assets and packaging in near real-time and accurate location reporting.


Mesh Containers

TrenStar offers a range of mesh containers to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. Each container is manufactured from high tensile steel.


Designed to accommodate heavy loads, of up to 1500 kg and this, while itself being a relatively lightweight unit.


Solid Sided Container

TrenStar SA offers a range of solid sided containers in various sizes to meet the requirements of specific applications. Each container comes with a four-way entry full perimeter base for easy pallet jack and forklift handling.


Plastic Bins

Security in a supply chain of high-value goods is essential, especially when the package or product is handled by many persons. TrenStar's plastic bins are injection moulded from polypropylene (PP) and are extremely durable. They are designed to carry the load in various RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) applications.


The Alpal Unit

TrenStar is a distributor of the Alpal unit in Southern Africa. As one of the leaders in reusable packaging in the region, TrenStar chose to add this versatile packaging to its returnable packaging fleet because of its wide range of configurations.


Omega Bins

The Omega Bin is designed to meet the agricultural industry’s unique requirements – it’s tough, durable and designed to protect produce, from orchard to marketplace.

nested rolltainers.JPG


TrenStar offers a range of Rolltainers in various sizes to meet your require-ments. Each rolltainer is either hot-dipped galvanized or electroplated. Each rolltainer is fitted with robust, long-lasting fixed and swivel wheels to ensure mobility and ease of movement.



This product range is aimed at industries which focus on heavy load materials handling and product shipping - our Pallets will transport your products and components safely and with ease.

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The KLT Bin

TrenStar offers a range of KLT's (Small Load Carrier) to meet the diverse require­ments of the ever-changing supply chain needs.