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Thai Summit is the leading automotive parts manufacturer supplying parts to the world-known automotive car manufacturer (OEM) based in Silverton.

We are proud of our journey together with Thai Summit using TrenStar Returnable Packaging, Management, and Technology.

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We are proud to have a long-term collaboration with Auto Industrial using TrenStar returnable packaging equipment and management system.

Auto Industrial is an integrated provider of machining and assembly, ductile, grey iron castings and hot steel forgings of various automotive components. They are supplying parts to world-known automotive manufacturers (OEM).

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We are proud to have a long-term partnership with Schoonbee Landgoed Farm using our TEAMAGRI Farm Management Solution

The farm produces world-class Citrus and Grapes on approximately 3000 hectares of land in the Limpopo province of South Africa and exports to 60 countries worldwide. Their table Grapes and Citrus are well sought after in local supermarkets and throughout the world.

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