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Our strategy, as a leading service provider, will be to proactively seek out the expressed and unexpressed optimized process efficiency needs of any industry, globally, providing solutions that offer visibility, collaboration, control, and efficiency. We will provide scalable, adaptable, cost-effective, fit-for-use solutions, that will always include a mix of returnable packaging, technology and service, ensuring the ability to optimise processes efficiency, track uniquely identifiable assets enabling traceability, reducing most manual intervention, decrease inventory levels, itemised invoicing and unique item stock takes that ensure better cost and risk management in the client business faster and more effectively.

Innovation through Collaboration

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TrenStar At Its Core...

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Key Professional
& Logistical Services

✦ Professional Services, Strategy, 

    Analysis, Development,

    Implementation, Training, & Support

✦ Control Centre (Control Tower)

✦ Provide, Measure & Manage

✦ Exceptions, Alerts & Dashboards

✦ Onsite Services

Applying Enabling Technology Systems

✦  Proprietary Developed Systems

✦  Application of RFID, Barcoding, GPS

     & Sensor Technology

✦  Research, Develop & Support

✦  Total Mobility

✦  Integration To Client Systems

Returnable Packaging Management
& Pooling

✦ Manage & Pool

✦ Condition & Maintain

✦ Equipment Design & Manufacture

We Believe In

Specialised Returnable Packaging

World Class Returnable Packaging

Let us focus on your packaging while you focus on your business. TrenStar’s returnable packaging containers move products safely and efficiently throughout the supply chain. Returnable packaging improves the way that businesses transport their products around the world.

Returnable Packaging Management

Equipment Pooling Solutions


Shared use of containers reduces reverse logistics. TrenStar’s returnable packaging management provides near real-time visibility of equipment throughout the supply chain.

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Managing The Cost Of The Total Supply Chain

Enabling a stable piece part Price. TrenStar will always provide you with a business model that will save you both Time and Money.

Web icon Digitisation


Reducing human intervention. TrenStar is using the latest technology tools to provide you with near real-time visibility of your total supply chain.

Web icon Managing by Control Tower

Managing by Control Tower


Managing by exception. Our Control Tower is a central information hub with state-of-the-art technology, solutions and processes to capture and use data to provide enhanced visibility for your total supply chain.

Web icon Inventory Management

Inventory Management


TrenStar provides near real-time inventory levels and total inventory management solutions throughout the supply chain. You'll always know what items are in stock, how much of them are available, and where they are located.

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