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TrenStar is widely renowned for its ability to provide integrated and specialised solutions. With market share in just about every industry, we are alleviating the burden of the supply and management of packaging and packaging solutions with an intense focus on eliminating disposable one-way packaging. Our customised management solutions optimise supply chains and provide 100% visibility in real-time.

Retail Industry

Grocery Shopping
Retail Industry

Radio frequency identification (RFID) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are one of the main transformation pillars available the Retail Industry.


By enabling the integration and single platform visualisation through our TEAM (TrenStarEAM) system and its knowledge of tracking,


TrenStar  has simplified very complex environments, by reducing cost, and allowed for award winning informed and timeous decision making to clients such as Pick n Pay.

Automotive Industry

Car-making factory

Partner to the OEM’s and Automotive Suppliers for 2 decades allowed TrenStar to evolve with this all-important sector and become a key player in the provision and delivery of products and services to the industry.


Our assistance in this industry ranges from full-blown Intelligence, on-site management, IT-development and electronic services such as POD, ASN an SSN for Toyota, to container rental and on- site assistance for BMW, the Ford Motor Company and Nissan. 

Automotive Industry

Agricultural Industry

Automotive Industry

Agriculture, as with most of the food industry,  requires integrated food traceability and risk systems in order to track, report and more importantly, improve food safety in the entire food chain. Using RFID, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile devices integrated into Visual Dashboards, TrenStar actively assists with compliance to the rigorous export standards in the industry and simultaneously pursues to reduce manual intervention.


Agricultural Industry

Transport Industry

Automotive Industry

With visualised intelligence the driving force, the TrenStar Timeslot Management System enables planning and organised logistical process with optimised advantage to all parties.


Our Award Winning Timeslot Management System, Increases Handling Capacity, Reduces Driver wait times, Shortens Loading times, optimises the use of Resources and increases utilisation through optimised returnable packaging.

Transport & Distribution

Healthcare Industry


TrenStar’s innovative Track and Trace System, coupled with the support from its Control Tower, made for an Innovative, Logistics Achiever, Platinum Award winning Solution.


Collaborating with the South African National Blood Services (SANBS), TrenStar introduced an innovative Blood on a Returnable Basis (BRB Solution), through a “Vein to Vein” logistics approach.


The applied solution met and exceeded all expectations. 

Health Care

FMCG Industry

At the Grocery Shop
FMCG, Food & Beverage

TrenStar returnable packaging proves cost-effective for businesses where timely and safe delivery of products is of utter importance. Due to its durability and robust performance, returnable packaging is preferred in various end-user applications which in turn surges demand for returnable packaging markets.

One such returnable innovative unit refers to the adaptable TrenStar Alpal Unit. This versatile unit and other returnable packaging units managed through the TrenStarEAM system delivers a dynamic solution.

Returnable Packaging


The multitude of benefits associated with RTP needs little explanation or confirmation.


The final word, however, sits in the innovative and ever-evolving TEAM  (TrenStarEAM) solution which provides our clients with the elusive exact visualisation of the supply chain.

Radically changed models applied to optimise the use of returnable packaging, enabled technology through web-based and IoT enablement to support true supply chain visibility.

Returnable Packaging & Pooling

Mining Industry

Image by Dominik Vanyi

Mining – with unique returnable packaging and solutions with companies like De Beers to

Petrochemical Industry distribution process, as Engen.

This is a diverse sector and showcase that the offering is industry independent and add value in numerous ways.

Mining Industry
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