Standard Packaging | Rolltainers

The Rolltainers Wheeled Unit

Each rolltainer is either hot-dipped galvanized or electroplated. Each rolltainer is fitted with robust, long-lasting fixed and swivel wheels to ensure mobility and ease of movement.

Pilferage resistant units with lockable gates, thick-walled tube cladded and fine grade expanded metal or weld-wire mesh provide added security to protect your assets. They are ideal for the picking/packing process in warehouses and distribution to stores across the country. All units are nestable and folded away to provide space saving during on-site storage and optimized returnable logistics. TrenStar provides a unique identification number on each rolltainer to facilitate tracking and tracing through the supply chain.


Used by FMCG and associated industries, hospitality groups, postal and courier services, and the automotive aftermarket parts distribution.


Rolltainer - TYPE 8A


Rolltainer - TYPE 9A