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The Alpal™ Unit

TrenStar SA is the exclusive distributor of the Alpal™️ unit in Southern Africa. As one of the leaders in reusable packaging in the region, TrenStar chose to add this versatile packaging to its returnable packaging pool because of its wide range of configurations and applications. The Alpal™️ unit can carry anything from non-hazardous liquids to polymer granules, frozen goods, and packed or bulk products.

The Alpal™️ unit comes with a four way entry base for easy forklift movement. TrenStar offers three base sizes and various liners and pole sizes for customer-specific requirements. For easy decanting, a bottom emptying option, as well as a tap option are also available.

TrenStar provides a unique identification number on each unit to facilitate tracking and tracing through the supply chain. A number of TrenStar’s customers across industries have embraced this unique packaging unit. 


Standard Packaging | The Alpal™️ Unit

TYPE SA   Alpal Non-Hazardous Liquid IBC

TYPE SB   Alpal Dry Goods IBC

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