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Standard Packaging | Solid Sided Containers

Solid Sided Containers

TrenStar SA offers a range of solid sided containers in various sizes to meet the requirements of almost every application. Each container is manufactured from high tensile steel and the chassis and frame construction is designed to accommodate heavy loads, of up to 1500 kg, in a light weight container.

Steel frames and lids are cladded with polypropylene coruplas and provides a splash proof design to protect your cargo. All steel framed containers are first hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion, before the cladding is attached.


Each container provides added security through its lockable front half drop down gate and lid. The containers can be stacked up to 6 high in transit and up to 10 high static (dependent on the container type) The one piece fully collapsible design further allows the empty containers to be collapsed and stacked up to 2.4 m to optimize return logistics.


Each container comes with a four way entry full perimeter base for easy pallet jack and forklift handling. TrenStar provides a unique identification number on every container to facilitate tracking and tracing throughout the supply chain. Used mainly in, but not limited to, Automotive, Component & Associated Industry, FMCG and Chemical Industries.


Solid Sided Container - TYPE AD

Solid Side Type AD Cage
Type AD Collapsed

Solid Sided Container - TYPE AB

Solid Side - Type AB Cage
AD Collapsed

Solid Sided Container  - TYPE BA

Solid Side - Type BA Cage
Type BA Collapsed

Solid Sided Container - TYPE DA

Solid Side - Type DA Cage
Type DA Collapsed

Solid Sided Container - TYPE DB

Solid Side - Type DB Cage
Type DB Collapsed
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