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Standard Packaging | Plastic Bins

The Plastic Bin

TrenStar SA offers a range of plastic bins to meet the diverse requirements of the ever-changing supply chain needs. Manufactured from polypropylene, these injection moulded plastic bins are extremely robust and durable thus enabling a cost-effective returnable option to disposable packaging. The “one-piece” plastic bin offers a lid that can be sealed to ensure a tamper-evident solution for the high-value item supply chain as well as offering a lid that will not be mislaid. These high value /high-risk products include but are not limited to: electrical goods, computer hardware and software, mobile phones and pharmaceutical supplies. This solution is also very effective in an environment where a packaged product is handled by many people.

There are 4 standard bin sizes in the range with all having the following features:

Sealable / Lockable Lids with unique identification by RFID, Bar Coding or engraving to enable individual tracking and tracing. Also features slightly tampered sidewalls for nestabilty and optimum space utilization on return leg shipments.

A wide variety of TrenStar customers across a wide spectrum of industries have embraced this form of tamper-evident packaging including FMCG and associated industries, the component manufacturers, the automotive manufacturers and the chemical industry.

Plastic Bin Type 1P
Plastic Bin Type 2P



Plastic Bin Type 3P
Plastic Bin Type 4P



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