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Integrate Spray plans and Spray Activities 

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Record spray plans and schedule online and in advance.
Electronic spray Instructions with chemical inventory integration.
Export compliance spray plan data.
Save time for spray plan generation with the ability to repeat applications.
Automatically calculate the first possible harvest date by actual spray activity.
Chemical Inventory planning.


Driver scorecards.
Export compliance reports.
Storage of historic spray records in the cloud.
Cost per hectare allocation.



Correct block application by spray plan.
Real-time dashboard view with row count completion.
Interactive driver adherence to target speed.
Replay spray activity by a tractor with the ability to rewind and fast-forward to any point.
Identify driver errors in real-time and assist with improving driver skills.
Visibility to optimise spray coverage & time over total distance travelled.
On-screen driver alerts to ensure the correct speed of application.



Driver spray limits per day.
Fuel management.
Unauthorised vehicle entry into restricted areas.
Automatic filling station register.
Service level interval checks.



Low-cost GPS device based on Android smartphone technology.
Intelligence to cater for GPS drift (AI).
Data storage on the device in low signal areas.
Remote mobile control and support.



Our Featured Solutions

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Visualised Harvest Activities


View your harvest activities in near real-time, optimise workforce productivity while balancing harvest to packhouse operations. Supports clock in and clock out with high-speed picker processing reducing time and improving accuracy. Compatible with multiple picking methods - One bin per employee, multiple bins per employee and multiple employees per bin.

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Packhouse Facility Control


Creating a view of all inbound products through pre-production to tip that can integrate to packhouse software and  creating the link back to market. The ability to view the value chain from tree to market providing visibility of inbound, in-process and outbound produce to a specific market.


Targeted Scouting

Control all traps across the farm with scheduled checks, trap replacement, activity verified with GPS that assures no more missed traps. The ability to collect infestation data and share with GPS enabled mobile device to assess and manage infestations from the dashboard.

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Inventory Management


From Chemical to fuel management - see how these expensive consumables are used across all operations such as chemical store and filling stations backed up by fast electronic stocktakes. Control of obsolescence inventory and expiry date. Comparing outbound chemicals supplied vs Spray plan applied.

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Digitised Farm Management


Our system provides the ability to monitor asset management such as tractors, vehicles and spray carts.  View your orchard management, irrigation and fertigation, task allocation and employee management on the dashboard.