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Transitioning to Digital Efficiency: TrenStar's Partnership with Komati Fruit, enabled the Digitisation of Harvest and Bin Management. This has improved real-time reporting and prompted better decisions between packhouse, juicing, picking, and orchard performance.

Komati Fruit, a leading private producer and exporter of citrus and sub-tropical fruit in South Africa, sought to digitise their farm activities and optimise the management of harvest processes, costs, quality, bin movements, and inventory. With over 5.5 million cartons of citrus packed and exported annually to more than 30 countries, the company recognised the need for a streamlined and efficient approach.


Komati required a turnkey solution to address challenges with bin dwell time, labour productivity measurement and timeously availability of production data. Komati sought a reliable partner to automate processes, reduce labour costs, and ensure the right quality and quantity movement to the packhouse, allowing the correct marketing plans to be executed. Access to real-time visibility was required between multiple stakeholders within the group to reduce decision ambiguity. TrenStar, a reputable provider of returnable packaging, yard management, inventory optimisation, and farm management solutions, emerged as the ideal partner for this project.


TrenStar is a proud partner in multiple industries, including Automotive, Retail, Healthcare, Agriculture, FMCG, Food and Beverage, Mining, Transport and Distribution.

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