Having TrenStar as our new returnable packaging management provider was one of the smoothest transitions from one service provider to the next.

Ralf Schieder, General Manager: Logistics, BMW South Africa

Returnable Packaging Management

TrenStar's advanced Returnable Packaging Management solution is designed to provide Returnable Rental Packaging and related services where we design and manufacture packaging specifically to client specifications. In addition, we also have turn-key solutions such as:

  • Equipment and Container Management
  • Track & Trace
  • Part Linking
  • Time-slot Management
  • Vehicle Volume Optimisation

Supply Chain Solutions

End-to-end solutions

We design end-to-end solutions from the sourcing and supply of hardware and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to the design and implementation of technologically demanding projects. TrenStar provides additional support through a nationwide team of business developers, engineers, project managers, business analysts, IT developers, a 24/7 Command Centre and a National Depot network.  We aid clients in understanding their business requirements, setting key performance indicators and business rules and managing their supply chains according to these.

Command Centre

Designed to support TrenStar's turnkey projects and offer fast response to possible emergency situations, our 24/7/365 Command Centre is at the heart of everything we do. While reporting on near real-time exceptions to either correct or mitigate the risk of the exception, the main focus of Command Centre is in the 5 business layers that include Hardware Monitoring, System Data Integrity, Business Rules Management, Rental Packaging Fleet Management and Data Analysis.


The question of using information from any form of tag has been TrenStar’s obsession since it started identifying each container in its very large pool. Today, TrenStar uses RFID for:

  1. Data Collection & Processing
  2. Efficiency; and
  3. Asset Maintenance

Using unique numbering this simple technology allows us to gather information that is real-time and provides a level of consistency and accuracy that our clients depend on.

Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management - So much more than just an asset register

TrenStar's Fixed Asset Management (TrenStarFAM) System was designed to provide the means to effectively track and manage fixed assets over multiple locations through the use of state-of-the-art technology. The user-friendly system provides accurate data through reduced human-input error and enhanced security features. With TrenStarFAM users can access reports, set business rules, monitor abuse, monitor rental and repair movements and even zone asset checks, all without the need for proprietary software.

Infrastructure & Management

TrenStar has a national network of depots situated in all the major regions across South Africa. We also manage onsite depots at clients nationwide and our highly-trained staff are fully equipped to handle a range of returnable packaging and procedures for:

  •     The receipt, storage, supply and relocation of equipment
  •     The assessment of equipment condition
  •     The cleaning of equipment; and
  •     The repair and maintenance of equipment.