Our Partners in the Supply Chain

TrenStar is widely renowned for its ability to provide integrated and specialised solutions in almost every industry. With market share in the just about every industry, we are alleviating the burden of the supply and management of packaging and packaging solutions with intense focus on eliminating disposable one-way packaging. Our customised management solutions optimise supply chains and provide 100% visibility in real-time.

Here are some of the industries and clients that we offer solutions to:

Automotive manufacturing

TrenStar assists manufacturers to varying degrees. It ranges from full-blown intelligence, on-site management, IT-development and electronic services such as POD, ASN and SSN for Toyota, to container rental and assistance for Volkswagen, the Ford Motor Company and Nissan. TrenStar also offers services to a multitude of first, second and third tier component manufacturers that serve these and other manufacturers.

Food processing
Using the innovative Alpal-container, virtually all the major fruit juice concentrate manufacturers in South Africa delivers their product to fruit juice manufacturers with help from TrenStar. Some of the clients in this sector are Granor Passi, Onderberg, Cape Fruit, Appletizer and Clover. The Alpal is also uniquely suited for other food- and food processing-related industries, including the storage and movement of pressure adverse breakfast cereals to the storage and removal of waste foods.

Petroleum and chemicals
With several clients in this industry, TrenStar has entrenched itself in this sector. It offers a multitude of asset tracking solutions and its Alpal is well known for its ability to transport certain chemicals.


Using RFID tracking, supply chain intelligence through its TrenStarEAM System and its knowledge of tracking, TrenStar serves several clients in this sphere, including Vodacom.


TrenStar has embarked on a unique packaging solution specifically designed for the agricultural industry – the Omega Bin Solution. Conceptualised from a need for farmers to not only transport their produce safely, hygienically and with stronger equipment, the Omega Bin greatly reduces the bruising of fruit and vegetables, optimises space utilisation, aids in produce de-greening and does not absorb post-harvest chemicals.