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17 November 2015, Comments Comments Off on TrenStar Mobility

TrenStar has a vast array of Mobility Solutions, all of which are designed to gather data, improve supply chain and asset visibility, and combat the risks associated with disruptions in supply and demand. Our Mobility Solutions include:

Mobile Scanners

These handheld scanners are used to scan mobile barcodes where data can be collected very quickly. Their functionality includes Receiving, Dispatching and internal movements on a profile like Container to Product or Component Linking.


TrenStar provides clients the ability to query their packaging data or upload photographs of damaged items using their smart devices (iOS and Android).

RFID Portals

RFID Portals are used to scan large volumes and the bulk movement of unique items. The Portal has a customised user interface where clients can add additional information to an RFID transaction as per their requirement.

to find out about our other mobility offerings.

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