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Partner to the OEM’s and Automotive Suppliers for 2 decades allowed TrenStar to evolve with this all-important sector and become a key player in the provision and delivery of products and services to the industry.


Our assistance in this industry ranges from on-site management, IT-development and electronic services such as POD, ASN an SSN for Toyota, to container rental and on-site assistance for BMW, the Ford Motor Company and Nissan. TrenStar also offer inclusive services to a multitude of first, and second-tier component manufacturers

Our Featured Solutions

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Standard Returnable Packaging

This solutions used in a pooling environment with national depot infrastructure.

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Specialised Rental Packaging Bespoke packaging solutions for required application or specific part outside the scope of current solutions.

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Equipment Management.

Near real time visibility of equipment through-out a supply chain.

  • A Greener Alternative - Repairable and recyclable / Carbon Foot print (Taxes)

  • Design, develop and manufacture returnable packaging solutions to client specifications

  • Equipment Process Design

  • Ergonomic design

  • Space utilisation

  • National Depot Infrastructure (Maintenance, Cleaning.

  • Consulting and Prototype Development

  • Product protection

  • Stack higher than when compared with Cardboard

  • No Need for racking with unit Stack-ability

  • Reduced double handling as the product is packed and delivered directly to point of consumption

  • Security (Lockable)

  • Design and development of packaging

  • Cost Saving on reusable when compared with one-way packaging.

  • No upfront capital - rental vs own

  • Packaging cycle management - Reduce "pit stop times"

  • Different Pay per use models - per part, Cycle

  • Availability of packaging allows for variability in demand

  • Pay per use and ability to transfer hire

  • Various Industry Standard sizes readily available

  • Track and Trace when combined with scanning/transacting tools with near real time visibility

  • Secure Sensitive Parts in terms of Quality

  • Unique single ID cradle to grave history

  • Tracking technologies - Barcode, RFiD & IOT

  • Stock on hand at Distribution Centres (By Area)

  • Equipment Ageing visibility reducing cost

  • Equipment in transit between plants and Distribution Centres

  • Utilization per item type

  • Electronic damage assessment by Unique ID giving a detailed history of each assessment done

  • Onsite Depot

  • Repair and Maintenance with TrenStar National Depot Infrastructure

  • Real time ASN / POD

  • Ontime in Full - (Quantity exceptions for orders & Time-based exceptions)

  • Order vs Supply

  • Order status tracking - Staging, etc

  • Auto replenishment - Different Levels (Green, orange, red, etc)

  • Transport cost - empty Space vs rental

  • Equipment Conditioning

  • Relocations

  • Storage - Availability and Space

  • Ability to do account reconciliation

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Inventory Management

Total inventory management through total supply chain.

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Timeslot Management

Inbound and outbound.

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Control Tower

Includes centralised data solutions providing business Intelligence.

  • Near real time inventory levels

  • Alerts on minimum and mx quantities

  • Automated Stock Replenishment

  • Increase company efficiency

  • Visibility of inventory upstream and downstream - end to end (suppliers and Customers)

  • First in First out

  • Stock Turns

  • Reduction in working capital

  • Reduce the number of damages & loses

  • Inventory control - Run out parts (Obscelecence)

  • Reduce Space due to lean inventory

  • Reduce effort to manage and count

  • Streamline operating and supply operating processes

  • Product linking to packaging

  • Reduce Total Yard Turnaround by Vehicle Type

  • Timeslot Management

  • Process Optimisation

  • Yard Visibility on a single platform providing one version of the truth

  • Identify and Reduce Congestion Areas

  • Provide 100% Visibility of vehicles within a Yard Space

  • Vehicle Status allows quick Assignment to Route

  • Reduce Manual Yard Sweeps

  • Timeslot management and dock schedules

  • Improve on time delivery

  • Unpowered Trailer Management through IOT

  • Telematics Adherence and uptime monitoring

  • Improve service levels such as total cycle time and on-time delivery

  • Supplier Loading and Offloading times

  • Vehicle ETA's and Execution

  • Shunting Activities

  • Element of flow

  • Finite capacity of in and outbound dock doors and optimise

  • Load optimisation - Weight and Volumetric

  • Time based exceptions

  • Quantity based exceptions - Qty of load and vehicles

  • Optimise fleet - Quantity and Mix

  • Information hub supported by a set of detailed decision-making rules

  • Trained team of operators

  • Inbound Supply Planning

  • Collaborative Planning of 3rd Party Supplier deliveries

  • Process Analysis and Continuous Support

  • KPI's & Cost Control Measures

  • Performance Management of LSP's

  • Reporting of actual logistical costs of a product

  • Hardware and Software uptime Monitoring


MHE Management

Management tool for various types of Material handling equipment - forklifts, reach trucks, etc.


Depot / Equipment Return Centre
Skilled onsite labourers and team leaders offering Management and Repairs of returnable packaging.

Icon_Specialised_Packaging (1).png

Specialised Packaging

Multi-material engineering capabilities and design. We select and combine our materials in unique ways, to build the most appropriate complete solution for each project.

  • Maintenance visibility of MHE

  • Maintenance Cost

  • Location of interchangeable asset

  • Location of mobile asset and employee assigned to it

  • Utilisation of asset

  • Maintenance tasks & Damage Assessment

  • Downtime

  • Fuel Management

  • Maximize asset productivity and uptime

  • Geo Fence Technology

  • Run Hour Monitoring

  • Scheduled Maintenance Reminders

  • Receiving, cleaning / wash bay, Waste removal

  • Receive and inspect equipment received back from suppliers

  • Management of spare part inventory and reordering

  • Equipment repairs by electronic job cards

  • Electronic Damage Assessments

  • Welding and general repairs

  • Equipment scrapping

  • Cannibalising and recovery of spares from scrapped equipment

  • Inventory Management System

  • Design, develop and manufacture returnable packaging solutions to client specifications

  • Equipment Process Design

  • Stack higher than when compared with Cardboard

  • Cost Saving on reusable when compared with one-way packaging

  • Design and development of packaging