• Cross all bridges, exceed all expectations

    TrenStar transform supply chain data into information you can understand - where the variability can be managed and controlled. Using this information, we supply you with end-to-end visibility. You get: reduced inventory, better on-time performance, freed-up capital, reduced variability in lead times and optimised freight.

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  • Packaging Specialists

    TrenStar offers a range of rental returnable packaging, that caters to various industries. Our team of packaging specialists will aid in the design, manufacturing and management of packaging for specific applications.

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  • Omega Bin

    Revolutionising the agricultural industry: Move away from the conventional and use packaging specifically designed to enhance your produce output. We introduce the Omega Bin.

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  • Two Decades of Business Experience

    TrenStar creates Visibility across the extended supply chain that enables Collaboration between trading companies that allows business alliance and leads to improved Control on business processes and discipline, that delivers opportunity for continuous Efficiency improvement that leads to cost reduction.

  • Innovation through Collaboration

    Two decades of innovation in returnable packaging management. Proud winners of 2015's Platinum Logistics Achiever Award!

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  • Say “yes” to Green packaging

    Returnable packaging reduces the cost of transport, your carbon footprint and energy usage. In addition it optimises space utilisation - never transport air again!

  • Total Returnable Packaging Solutions

    Our end-to-end returnable packaging solutions are used in a variety of industries. Designed for durability and greater collapsibility - our packaging enables cost-effective utilisation and smarter return logistics throughout your supply chain.

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Returnable Packaging Management

TrenStar offers full returnable packaging management and pooling services right across South Africa. Our broad spectrum of returnable packaging is designed to cater to a variety of industry needs and our specialised design team is on-hand to R&D packaging to meet your specific design requirements. Our services include the management, pooling, conditioning and maintenance of returnable packaging.

Applying Enabling Information Technology

We use proprietary developed systems to bring you uniquely designed RFID, barcoding, GPS & sensor technology. We offer total mobility solutions where we drive research, development and support.

Key Professional & Logistics Services

TrenStar's logistics services include strategy, analysis, development, training and support of all our solutions. Our 24/7 Control Centre provides, measures and manages all our clients' data via exceptions, alerts and dashboards. Our dedicated Client Liaison Officers offer Key Account Management services so that you are never left without support.

Designing unique solutions for you