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17 November 2015, Comments Comments Off on TrenStarEAM System

TrenStar’s Enterprise Asset Maintenance (TrenStarEAM) System  is a cloud-based container and asset tracking system that has been developed to provide near real-time tracking information on asset and container movement based on location tracking data.

Developed over two decades we have refined its extensive functionalities to where it can effectively manage large pools of returnable containers. TrenStarEAM has the capability to track uniquely identified containers as well as non-unique items and allows multiple container fleet owners to use the same tracking system on a single platform across multiple industries and supply chains.

This unique asset and tracking management system incorporates the latest technology and concepts that include:

  • Service-orientated architecture
  • A modular design
  • Profile-driven functionality
  • Multi-tier components
  • Fully scalable design and configuration
  • Pure exception management; and
  • Business intelligence based on set client key performance indicators.

At the core of TrenStarEAM is its item tracking and profile management modules which are supported by advanced system configuration and management modules.

Through our technology, the TrenStarEAM System can:

  • Import data on a real-time basis from any remote location
  • Interface with any ERP or WMS Systems and APS Systems
  • Provide visual dashboards or web reports for exception monitoring purposes against KPI’s
  • Monitor exceptions in the TrenStar Command Centre through data visualisation
  • Manage these exceptions and alert clients
  • Provide clients with complete visibility of packaging and inventory throughout their supply chain
  • Provide meaningful and easy-to-read reports for inventory management purposes; and
  • Ultimately support the concept of “inventory in motion” in the total supply chain.

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